NeighborWorks online courses have been previously offered at NeighborWorks Training Institutes and Place Based Trainings, and they are now conveniently packaged for efficient and effective online learning.  ALL VISTA members get to access these online courses (valued at $200) for FREE. E-learning with NeighborWorks is a user-friendly learning experience, and comes with frequently asked questions and online help to ensure the best use of your time.

As NeighborWorks VISTA Members, you are able to take these courses for  FREE.  Each course that you take is worth on average $200 so we encourage you to take as many courses as you can. For a copy of the course codes click HERE 

New Two New ELearning Courses Released and Available for Free! NeighborWorks just launched two new e-learning courses, HO260el and HO265el . For a limited time, you can take these courses from the convenience of your home or office computer at no charge. Learn more and register today . . .


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