General professional and personal skills 

Below you will find various documents that will assist you in enhancing your professional and personal skill sets.


This workbook and the accompanying course will help you learn how to establish an e-brand, how to develop a workplace persona, how to build relationships, how to manage emotions, how to solve problems, and how to drive one's career, among other things. Each module focuses on one of these skills and the purpose of the workbook exercises is to propt you to start using the skills and applying them in your own life right away.

Access the course here. Download the workbook below. 

JobSTART 101 Workbook.pdf JobSTART 101 Workbook.pdf
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Join Leaders for Communities to grow your professional network and connect with your current and future leaders to learn about community development related activities and organizations across country.

Enhance your group facilitation skills. 

This document provides ideas and techniques to enhance awareness of the continuum of specific roles and responsibilities as a facilitator in working with groups that have different needs and expectations. Additionally it helps you assess your own skills, behaviors and attitudes.  

Tell e-mail stories better 

Enhance your conference call facilitation skills. 

List of programmatic questions that will help you prepare for your VISTA year.

Taken from, Responding to Resistance lists various forms of communication styles. Most conflicts happen due to miscommunication, so please read through this file to understand best ways to communicate and resolve conflicts.

While serving, it is very important to focus on your personal goals. This plan allows you to carefully look at your upcoming challenges and re-align your priorities.   

Feedback can be both reassuring and  challenging. Use this tool to learn how to provide feedback based on different communication styles. 

As a VISTA you are choosing to follow the unbeaten path. You have chosen to serve and this will have an impact on your friends, family and the community you serve in. You may not know it yet, but you already are a leader. Read this Harvard Business Review article to learn about the qualities that make an effective leader.

Over 80% of work related conflicts can be attributed to miscommunication. Use these tips to stregnthen your form of communication.

This document will help you find online VISTA resources 

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