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 Meet the expert: Michelle Winters 

Michelle is the Senior Manager for Green Strategies at NeighborWorks America, where she coordinates the organization’s support for the community development industry and the NeighborWorks network to undertake comprehensive green initiatives, and also coordinates NeighborWorks’ internal sustainability activities. Prior to joining NeighborWorks, Michelle was the Program Director for Affordable Housing Preservation at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. She coordinated LISC’s green preservation activities, including the publication of the guide Getting Started with Green Preservation. She also previously worked for nine years at Fannie Mae and the Fannie Mae Foundation on affordable housing finance and policy issues. Earlier in her career she was a Research Assistant at the Urban Institute and the MIT Center for Real Estate, where she worked on program evaluation and data analysis for several affordable housing and community development initiatives. Michelle served as a member (2007-2011) and past chairman (2008) of the Arlington County Housing Commission. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies and holds a Master in City Planning from MIT with a specialization in Housing, Community and Economic Development.

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 PBS news report on the co-op model. 

Watch the full episode. See more NOW on PBS.

Sustainable 19125 Initiative  

Green Resources 

Brought to you by Democracy Collaborative, national leader in the field of community development, this report provides the first comprehensive survey of community wealth building institutions in the green economy.  Featuring ten cases, this report identifies how policy and philanthropy can build on these examples to create green jobs that a community can own.  

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Sustainable 19125 Initiative's goal is to make the 19125 ZIP code the most sustainable ZIP code in the city. Key themes of sustainable 19125 include greening, recycling, energy and water conservation, walk/bike/ride, and supporting local economies. Moreover, they were able to successfully engage community residents using eduction and marketing outreach, neighborhood collective action, planning and designing, organizing and advocacy. Learn about the effective and innovative ways NKCDC is turning 19125 into the greenest ZIP code. 

 PowerPoint presentation and report below provide a case study produced by National Center for Healthy Housing showing correlation between green housing efforts and increase in quality of life. 

This report produced by LISC provides basic information on inexpensive green retrofits  for property managers and other affordable housing professionals.  

Learn about the steps involved in leading a sustainable project.  This is a brief road map  and look out for more resources on project management and green projects in the future. Also if you are new to this field, please take NeighborWorks America's e-learning Fundamentals of Green, Affordable Housing, Rehab and Management course. The course offers an additional list of updated material. 

Featured website 

 Sustainable 19125 is bringing people together to start greening the New Kensington area now. Its goal is to make 19125 the most sustainable zip code in the city. Visit the site here.

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