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What type of food access will make a difference?

Posted by NWA VISTA on Thursday, April 14, 2011,

Recently, I came across this PolicyLink article, The Grocery Gap: Who has access to healthy food and why it matters

As a VISTA, none of the information mentioned in there is shocking since we live and serve in neighborhoods the article refers to. What was shocking in the article was the statistic it provided regarding our neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods that I know for a fact where we have many VISTAs serving in. For a nationwide food access disparity map please visit here

In the art...

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What we're worth: Quantifying a VISTA's impact

Posted by Jessica Oxley on Friday, April 1, 2011,

Our country is facing some stark realities when it comes to its financial future. AmeriCorps programs, among many others could be on the chopping block.

Having read this US News and World Report article, I'm beginning to see the big picture impact if AmeriCorps were no longer operating.

My question to fellow NeighborWorks*VISTAs is: "What couldn't your organization do without you?"

For me, I know the quality of digital resources NeighborWorks America offers to its network would suffer. Then net...

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Community development is challenging, painstaking work.

NWA VISTA The people and organizations who invest in trying to strengthen its practice know better than any stakeholder that the road is rocky. Deepening our understanding of any initiative’s strengths offers us an advantageous perspective to learn from and built upon previous work. Pondering its shortcomings can been sobering and humbling experience as well. It teaches the lesson that criticizing the mistakes of others is vastly easier than figuring out how to do this difficult work better. The purpose of this blog is to learn from innovative ideas, share experiences and move forward building stronger and healthier communities.


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