Our country is facing some stark realities when it comes to its financial future. AmeriCorps programs, among many others could be on the chopping block.

Having read this US News and World Report article, I'm beginning to see the big picture impact if AmeriCorps were no longer operating.

My question to fellow NeighborWorks*VISTAs is: "What couldn't your organization do without you?"

For me, I know the quality of digital resources NeighborWorks America offers to its network would suffer. Then network would also have less knowledge about the resource available to them. NeighborWorks' capacity to communicate its board governance efforts to the network would also significantly diminish.

What about your organization?

Note: This post is not a commentary on recent budget related politics, but should be viewed as a way to reflect on how we as VISTAs are serving our nation.

Blog written by Jessica Oxley serving at NeighborWorks America, Washington, DC