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“… ultimately it’s the regenerative capacity of a city’s residents that makes the difference”

Posted by NWA VISTA on Tuesday, October 12, 2010,

Annie Rosen, NeighborWorks*VISTA from NHS of Chicago, pointed out this article to me. The article talks about New Orleans’ ability to bounce back within a short time regardless of the mass exodus that took place right after the hurricane Katrina. Instead of focusing on hurricane Katrina and the reasons for mass exodus, the writer of the article sheds light on the grassroots level of community engagement that has been responsible for recent growth in New Orleans. She writes that “with the ...

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The Foreclosure Freeze

Posted by NWA VISTA on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, In : Foreclosure 

Over the past few weeks, there have been many announcements by major financial institutions of halting foreclosures in the 23 states which use a judicial process. This is in response to reports of faulty paperwork from the lenders employees. GMAC was the first to announce a freeze, followed quickly by JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. 

Many in the media are anticipating a large scale response to the inefficiencies within the foreclosure process on the side of the servicers from both the p...

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Community development is challenging, painstaking work.

NWA VISTA The people and organizations who invest in trying to strengthen its practice know better than any stakeholder that the road is rocky. Deepening our understanding of any initiative’s strengths offers us an advantageous perspective to learn from and built upon previous work. Pondering its shortcomings can been sobering and humbling experience as well. It teaches the lesson that criticizing the mistakes of others is vastly easier than figuring out how to do this difficult work better. The purpose of this blog is to learn from innovative ideas, share experiences and move forward building stronger and healthier communities.


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