Time frame from the National Harbor to the White House is approximately an hour via the DC Metro
- this bus starts running at 5 AM ish and stops running around 10:30 PM - keep this in mind as you travel from the Gaylord into the city

Step 1 - Bus from National Harbor to Branch Ave - Metro Station
NH 1 - bus from National Harbor to Branch Ave Metro Station
Cost breakdown of Metro Bus

Step 2 - Train from Branch Ave into the city - towards Green Belt Station
If you wanted to go to the White House for example - you could take the Green Line (towards Greenbelt Station) - get off at Gallery Place Chinatown and transfer to the Red Line (Shady Grove) and one go one stop to Metro Center - take the 13th/G exit (NOT the Macy's exit) - once you come up the escalator walk to the closet street corner (13th and G) - turn so that you are walking straight up 13th street - you will see Macy's in front of you on the Right hand side - walk towards it (up G Street) to New York Ave (just one block) - now you will have Staples on your right - cross G (left hand turn) - walk straight down New York Ave towards the White House (about two blocks) - you will come to a point T in the road... keep walking straight - you will notice the US Treasury to your left... keep going... you should see police parked in the middle of the road (which is not open to public traffic)... keep walking you are almost there... once you find it... take a few photos!

Now if you want to see the National Mall, National Christmas Tree and other highlights... keep walking around the path... you will see others continuing in the direction you were just traveling... the idea is that you want to go to the other side of the White House... from there you can see the Washington Monument... once you get to the Washington Monument you will see the Lincoln Memorial to your Right and the Capitol Building to the left

You may consider also using the DC Circulator which costs $1 each ride and will take you around the city - check out their website for schedules and routes