In case of early termination, we strongly encourage you to consult your Supervisor and your VISTA Leader. Leaving your term early is frowned upon and every case is handled differently. You as a VISTA committed to serve your organization and your community for a whole year and ending your commitment for another oppurtunity is heavily discouraged.

As officially stated on Chapter 12 - Administrative Policies when ending your term early, you will not be eligible for any end of service stipend, but in light of different circumstances, it is highly recommended that you consult with your supervisor, VISTA Leader and CNS Program officer.

In case of early departure to participate in another AmeriCorps Program:

If you are accepted into another AmeriCorps program and are required to begin training or service in the other program prior to the conclusion of AmeriCorps VISTA service, you are eligible for a prorated end-of-service stipend if you have served at least six months as an AmeriCorps VISTA member.