When in doubt about your relocation, please contact VMSU (VISTA Member Services Unit) at 866.473.5733 or VISTAmembersupportunit@cns.gov. Before or during your relocation, please fill out “Travel to service form.” Contact your Supervisor or VISTA leader or the VMSU office to get a copy of this form.

Refer to VISTA Member Handbook Chapter 5: Relocation Allowance

Members serving a 12-month term and moving from their home of record to their project site are eligible to receive a relocation allowance. The Corporation State Office may authorize a relocation allowance for an initial assignment or a project transfer. This allowance is intended to cover initial moving expenses (security deposit, utility deposit, etc.). The amount, which may not exceed $550, is determined by the Corporation State Director; therefore, requests for relocation allowance should be directed to the Corporation State Office. The relocation allowance is subject to federal income tax deduction, and it is disbursed in the regular biweekly living allowance payment.

If the member has questions before the PSO then please call VMSU directly. The VMSU is dedicated to helping VISTA candidates and members with:

    * Questions about your service year
    * Filling out administrative forms on My Americorps
    * Questions about the Terms, Conditions, and Benefits of VISTA service
    * Travel information and travel reimbursement

Contact the VMSU toll free at 866-473-5733 or email the VISTA Member Support Unit directly.