Refer to Chapter 2: Overview of Your Year in AmeriCorps VISTA


In the last three weeks of your service, you should prepare to leave your sponsoring organization and phase out of your service as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. (See Chapter 11 for the end-of-service checklist of things you should do to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.) If you elected to receive a stipend at the end of your service year and not an education award, you will receive $400 of your accrued stipend (minus federal income tax and FICA [Social Security] deductions) in the living allowance payment for the next-to-the-last pay period of your service year. The balance of the stipend is disbursed in the last pay period of your term of service.

If you extend service, you will receive the full endof-service stipend in the final pay period of the term of service you have just completed. Another stipend starts to accrue through the extension. If you reenroll and elect the stipend as your post-service benefit, a stipend for the first year is disbursed to you as outlined above, and another stipend accrues through your second year.