I spend a lot of my time driving to presentations for my organization and the gas is getting higher as the summer goes on. I love doing the presentations but its starting to really cut into my budget. Is it possible to get parking and gas reimbursements from VISTA?

Refer to VISTA Member Handbook: Privately Owned Vehicle pg. 58

"In some instances, the Corporation may provide all or a portion of the member’s mileage expenses for assignment-related purposes. This payment may be accomplished through a transportation grant to the Sponsoring Organization in which the Corporation provides the Sponsoring Organization with funds to reimburse the member." They may not have received a travel grant.

Although refering to VISTA Member Handbook Service related transportation pg. 57...

"When public transportation is not adequate, the Sponsoring Organization has the primary responsibility for providing or supporting vehicles used by members in the performance of their assignments. In some instances, AmeriCorps*VISTA may assist in the provision of funds for mileage reimbursement or leasing a vehicle." This is usually the most common method of reimbursement among our organizations. Please consult your Supervisor and your VISTA Leader to figure out an appropriate solution.