Refer to - VISTA Member Handbook: Chapter 5: Financial Support

As an AmeriCorps VISTA member, you are required to have your biweekly living allowance sent via electronic funds transfer or direct deposit. The U.S. Treasury requires federal payments to be made by direct deposit, except when this form of payment would cause unusual hardship on the payee. (For hardship cases, see Appendix A for the procedure to have payments made by paper check.)
To set up direct deposit, you and your financial institution must complete the Direct Deposit Sign- Up Form (form 1199A) and return it to your Corporation State Office. You may obtain a form 1199A from any bank, fill it out, and send it to your Corporation State Office or submit it at Pre- Service Orientation registration. If you currently do not have a bank account, you may open an Electronic Transfer Account for a nominal monthly fee. To learn more, visit

The Corporation for National and Community Service will process your direct deposit request form within five business days of receipt. If you change your bank account number at any time, or close the account, you must inform the Corporation immediately using VMSU.

All regular biweekly living allowances, as well as any other taxable allowances, are recorded on the member's earnings statement, which is listed on your portal and is available after your biweekly allowance is directly deposited into your bank account.