Simple answer: Yes. Under new AmeriCorps VISTA Education policy, you can pursue graduate school/outside education while serving as a VISTA. The key here is that a VISTA member still needs to serve in a full time capacity for the organization. The lack of clear parameters i.e. an upper limit of number of credits taken is not carte blanche for folks to be enrolled in VISTA and school simultaneously. The supervisor should carefully take into consideration the amount of time away from the project that course enrollment will require before approving it; that would include not only during normal business operations, but also their need to have the VISTA member attend evening and/or weekend events…the 24/7 rule for VISTA still applies essentially.

If you are considering school while serving (which is great by the way) but essentially have a conversation with you Supervisor about the work hours and time commitment. Incorporate this in your VAD and get an approval of the State office for the records.