Congratulations! You have made it past the first three weeks hopefully. I found those to be the most anxiety ridden. The few VISTAs I had a chance to talk to seem to be doing just fine, but if you are having a difficult time adjusting or simply finding appropriate resources, please feel free to give me a call. Meanwhile, I have few announcements for you this week.


1)     We strongly encourage all VISTAs to come out to the National Training Institute held at the National Harbor, MD (the week of December 6th), as we have a special day of training and team building planned out just for YOU. Schedule us for your Wednesday session. Meaning, if there is not a three day class conflict, PLEASE JOIN US on December 8, 2010 (Wednesday) for a whole day session.


2)     NeighborWorks America National Training Institute Early Bird Registration deadline is October 13th. Please follow this link to browse through a complete list of classes, course grid for certifications, and accommodations/travel information.

a.       Follow up with your supervisors for registration confirmation.


3)     E-Learning Courses: In order to develop a better understanding of the fundamental values and common practices used within the field of community development, I strongly encourage everyone to take at least one of the many free e-learning courses. Follow this link to register and you can find your free codes attached to this email. These classes are extremely helpful in the beginning.


4)     Please fill out this survey. I am trying to support VISTAs based on their areas of focus and interest and this survey will help me create appropriate groups. Follow the mentioned link or go to http://vistaland.yolasite.com/ to access your survey.


5)     For the National Day of Service and Remembrance, Jessica Oxley (VISTA with NeighborWorks America), Naudy Martinez (VISTA with Montgomery Housing Partnership) and I volunteered at a local health school. The event itself had a great turn out and we had a chance to meet few of the DC area AmeriCorps NCCC State members as well as a VISTA Alum. You can catch us in action here. The random photo frames mean that I am just learning to blog and can’t just commit to one style.


Thank you for taking the survey and  again if you have questions, concerns, comments or just simply something to say, give me a call.




Phone: 202.220.7074

Cell: 630.570.1124